Welcome to our Spotlight series. This is where we shine a light on people and organizations that are transforming the food system and raising awareness of how important sustainability is in our everyday lives.

I set out on this journey to educate myself about our food and the journey it takes from farm to kitchen. On the way I met people who are changing the world, whether it’s reducing food waste, changing the way we recycle or transforming the way we cook, shop and eat; they are helping us reconnect with what we eat and the world around us. It’s a long list of inspirational stories, and getting longer by the minute! Here’s a peek.

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Dr. Melissa Lem

Connect With Nature

Physician, Nature Advocate

Did your doctor ever prescribe a "Nature Pill"? Dr Melissa Lem would. She knows how beneficial nature can be. I first heard her speak at the Nature Talks Series on the importance of maintaining our connection with nature. Read her story in the latest Spotlight.

Lori Nikkel

No Waste. No Hunger.

CEO, Second Harvest

CEO, Clean50 Award honoree, leader of people, creator of change....the list goes on! Our very first Spotlight is on Lori Nikkel of Second Harvest, Canada's largest food rescue organization. Read more about Lori and the organization she leads.