Nourish by Numbers - 1000 Ways to Nourish


Food is central to our existence.

Everything we care about, our families, our kids, our community and the planet, they all come together at the dinner table. But what we eat, how we eat, how we raise our food, the choices we make around food are not sustainable. Our food is killing us and the planet.

Nourish by Numbers Manifesto
  • I believe people want happiness and health – for themselves and their families.
  • I believe the heart of the family beats in the kitchen.
  • I believe that eating healthy means making intentional choices about what we eat and how we cook it.
  • I believe we cannot lead a good life without good food.

What is Good Food

Good food tastes good and is good for us, but it is more than just flavour and nutrition. It is more than just about us. Good food is good for us, and also our community and the world we live in.

Our lifestyle today encourages overconsumption and overoptimization. Add to that misinformation and confusion and we are making choices every day that are not sustainable. The world is toggling between obesity and malnutrition, between scarcity and overwhelming amounts of food waste, between droughts and taps left running.

This stops now.

I want to live in a world where everyone knows what good food is. I want my kids to be raised in a world where everyone has access to good food. What about you? 

Nourish by Numbers is a social movement that is adding to the growing drumbeat demanding change. Radical, transformative change in the way we grow and raise, and consume and talk about food.

As part of this movement, I am sharing a #1000waystoNourish. Real actions we can take in our daily lives to change the way we consider food. After all, the heart of every family beats in the kitchen. 

What can you do?

Join the community. Follow the hashtag #1000WaystoNourish. Learn about good food. Read and share with your friends and family. Talk about it on the train as you return home. It’s about more than just flavour and nutrition. It’s about more than just us. 

My Backstory

Food excites me. I was raised in relatively frugal times in India but was always surrounded by abundance. Due to my dad’s career in the Indian Army, we moved around a lot and had a chance to experience India, it’s diversity, culture, traditions and of course food. My mom’s talent for cooking and creativity always found us around good food and flavour. Our meals were real food made using real ingredients. Breakfast for dinner, leftovers transformed into fresh dishes were all regular features on our dinner table decades before they became trendy hashtags. When my husband and I moved to Canada and the kids came on the scene, good food became even more important in our lives. Not only did my cooking help me stay in touch with my roots in India, but it was also the path to nourishment for our bodies and souls.

Through my writing about food and researching what good food was, I have become invested in raising awareness of how important nourishment is for us, our communities and the planet.

That’s how this better food movement started.

See the #1000WaystoNourish