Nourish by Numbers

Nourish is to “cherish, nurture, feed in a deep, sustainable way.” When we nourish, we consider what, why, who and from where. Nourishment is about food that tastes good and is good for us. But good food doesn’t just stop at flavour and nutrition. It has to also be good for our community and the planet. 

Nourish by Numbers is a public service initiative dedicated to educate people, engage conversation and shift the mindset in the choices we make around food every day. 

It takes the name from “paint by numbers,” a creative technique invented for simplifying art. This style made it possible for people to create masterpieces by just following the map. Much like this artistic endeavour, Nourish by Numbers is helping people simplify choices and raise awareness of how our food is grown, produced, packaged, distributed and ends up on our dinner table. 

You can read more about this movement here. Join us to become an earth-savvy consumer and to advocate for change in the food system.